Buffalo Bills Rock Pile

The Buffalo Bills Rock Pile is a special, branded area within Ralph Wilson Stadium currently sponsored by Coors Light. The Ralph Wilson Stadium seating chart shows the Bills Rock Pile on the 200 level of seating just behind the scoreboard endzone.

Buffalo Bills Rock Pile sections form a block of seats throughout the 200 level above the scoreboard endzone. Eight sections make up the Rock Pile: Bills Section 241, Bills Section 242, Bills Section 243, Bills Section 244, Bills Section 200, Bills Section 201, Bills Section 202, and Bills Section 203. The view from the Rock Pile is comparable to that enjoyed by patrons in the Bills Upper Endzone. Given the reputation of fans sitting in the Rock Pile, families with young children or guests sensitive to outrageous behavior should avoid the Rock Pile seating area and any sections close to the Rock Pile. As the cheapest tickets anywhere in Ralph Wilson Stadium, rowdy Bills partisans also make the game difficult for visiting fans and the atmosphere can be outright hostile for anyone cheering for the visiting team.

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Bills Rock Pile tickets have the largest percentage price discrepancy between season tickets and individual game tickets. Whereas a full season ticket of seven regular season and two preseason games costs $225 (for a per-game price of $25), individual game tickets cost $45 each. Since the large differential creates arbitrage opportunities for season ticket buyers, nearly all Rock Pile tickets generally sell out prior to the beginning of single game ticket sales. Fans looking for Coors Light Rock Pile tickets should consider ticket brokers or independent ticket websites for the best availability. Prices range from close to face value for preseason games to twice the price of season ticket per-game sales for regular season contests.

Buffalo Bills Coors Light Rock Pile

Buffalo Bills Rock Pile
View from the Buffalo Bills Coors Light Rock Pile at Ralph Wilson Stadium
photo: flickr by creative commons license